Test Subject:

Adult (Male)

Age: 54 Years

Diagnosis: Psoriasis Vulgaris

Period of Illness:

32 Years

Test Subject:

Infant (Male)

Age: 6 Months

Diagnosis: Cradle Cap

Seborrhoeic Dermatitis Period of Illness:

2 Months


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GoooGreen, Inc.        

These formulas has the most B-12 than any other product on the market. Our original formula created is now a superior product. This exceptional Visita Care product line focuses on skin diseases and skin disorders with anti-aging and skin cell rejuvenation additives, Xcell’s formulas meet FDA and CE safety standards to treat neurodermatitis / atopic dermatitis - psoriasis – eczema and cradle cap and other skin conditions and burns. Xcell Medical & Cosmetics, Inc. will be re-testing with the new additives for the Xcell - silkie Visita Care line which will be marketed as a treatment lotion-shampoo and soap while entering Stage I new clinical trials to support and verify its CE and FDA documentation with the prior products which treats many types of skin diseases and some skin disorders.

Test Subject:

Adult (Female)

Age: 44 Years

Diagnosis: Eczema

Period of Illness: