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Jay                                Infection: Eczema 

Hello Everyone, I have tried everything possible for my 8 year old son to sooth and comfort his irritation. Its been a loosing battle foe years till I tried Visita Care, it cleared his infected areas in a couple weeks and my son sleeps better now.  I sagest everyone try it, you will not be disappointed.

Father: Jason

Howard Gabbard                       Infection:  Psoriasis

Hello everyone, I am so excited to inform everyone to try this product  - Visita lotion. I assure you it works great, I have tried everything imaginable and nothing worked till now. I had a patch of Psoriasis all over my nose on my face. boy was it embarrassing.  I hated it. I meet Suzette from Xcell and Visita Care and she let me try a sample. It worked immediately and cleared my face in a few days. I was skeptical known nothing has worked before but in the past and I have heard everyone and the brother tell me their product worked only to see it did not. I tried Visita anyways and boy was I shocked. I really worked, I love this lotion...


Rick "Wheels"              Infection: Barnacles

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Here you will read the Testimonials of several people who have tried our product on their infected areas. These people have different types of Disease's ranging from Psoriasis to Barnacles. Most of these Disease's are forms of Skin Cancers. These are true stories from each and every Person.

Renee Marlo                        Infection:  Psoriasis

Dear Tony,   Thank you for letting me try your new formula of Vista Care Psoriasis lotions.  I  love the fact that your product is all natural.   I feel better knowing that I am not putting chemicals on top of my skin.   Usually my skin is dry , scaly and itchy as you can see in the photo provided.  The more it itches, the more I scratch which leads to a never ending cycle of itching and scratching, wrecking havoc on my skin.    What I noticed about your product is that it soothed and stopped the itching.  Eventually my skin stopped being scaly and started to go back to normal .  I don't have the scaly appearance in the morning and continued use makes my skin feel soft.    Thank you for your awesome product.

Renee Merlo

Gordon                           Injury: Face Road Rash

I was skeptical when I was given a sample bottle of Visita Skin Care Lotion, But, when I woke up the next morning after using 3 applying it on my face 3 times, I could not believe the results. See for yourself - before and the after (next day) this lotion works like nothing I ever seen. these pictures are first and second day.

Cassandra  Edward                         Infection: Acne /Dark Spots

Hello My Name is Cassandra, over the years I’ve wasted hundreds of dollars on acne and facial cleansing products. The reason I say wasting is because, its not that the products help at all because some did reduce the level of acne. But it never really helped me. Either they left my skin to dry or to oily, which that what I was battling with or it clashed with my oily skin which ended up causing me a terrible break-out.
Then something wonderful happened, I got a job for a company called Mila marketing that was contracted by Xcell with a new product called Visita, The owner - developer was in the office with us one day and said to me to try it and see how it makes your skin soft and how it clears up the facial skin. This way I know what we are were working on really work.  He applied the lotion on my face and I rubbed it in, needless to say it felt cool and refreshing, But the next morning I noticed how it really worked, my face was soft, the dark spots started to lighten up, some gone. I was so surprised my skin looked and felt great. That day he applied it again and gave me a sample, I used it for three days and behold my skin was so noticeable like night and day, I love it.. it works… Picture After 3 days

Michael "Scrappy"           Infection: Skin Cancer

It’s True… My hands felt like 24 grit sand paper working outside for years in  the south Florida scrap yard under the blazing sun. Through the years the sun had burned a zillion volcanos like pre Cancer sores on the back of my hands. My Dermatologist, Dr. D froze the largest and most dangerous ones off, leaving a very rough patch of tiny volcano’s. Fortunately, I meet a representative with Visita and tried their treatment lotion, who noted my condition and recommended I try his Visita Care lotion samples,suggesting I apply a small amount twice a day to my hands and infected areas. “I Confess” while I tried to follow to the letter of suggestion method of use, I would on occasions miss a morning or evening or application or two. Never the less after about a month the sample bottle of Visita Care lotion was empty and I took note that my hands were mostly free of the small volcano's, and there was a vast improvement in the feel and appearance of my skin. All I can say is try it… you will like the results. MBW Steel worker….Michael

Gianna                          Infection:  Babies Cradle Cap

My 3 month old daughter Gianna developed cradle cap..I tried a sample tube of Visita Care lotion. I applied it on her head 2 to 3 times a day and in a few days it was completely gone...what a pleasant surprise !! Thank you Visita Care...

Mother: Crystal Polinice