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Welcome To VistaCare - Skin Treatment Here at Xcell Medical, our Vista product line is beginning its first stage of new clinical trial and testing with the new additives for anti-aging and skin cell rejuvenation for the US. We have completed Phase II safety and efficacy trials for pharmaceuticals as well as cosmetic and nutraceutical testing. Safety Trials VistaCare has initiated a wide range of safety tests required for FDA approval. Xcell will be launching VistaCare as a treatment lotion as well as several other skin care products. In addition, we will be conducting trials for and with evaluating systemic safety (e.g. ECGs, clinical chemical parameters) and histological / immunohistochemical effects. Routine in-house efficacy trials include: •Psoriasis, plaque test

•UV-induced erythema model

(for anti-inflammatories)

•Vasoconstrictor assay (corticosteroids)

•Proof-of-concept trials

◦Cradle Cap

◦Acne ◦Psoriasis

◦Atopic Dermatitis

Androgenetic Alopecia



Burns and more...


•UVA protection

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Welcome to the Xcell Medical & Cosmetics.  We put your health and well being first. Proof-of-Concept Trials our Xcell team's core expert and the company's Biotech lab's Chemist for the VistaCare Skin product lines has preformed and develop, clinical trials and documentation on a similar product. The VisitaCare products are a new and improved formula for anti-aging and skin cancer treatments and a healthy make-up line. In these models, biophysical measurement methods are used to deliver objective data to support traditional clinical end points.

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