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GoooGreen, Inc.        

              Number               RCM                     GCM                    DCM

             Members            $30.00                 $60.00                 $90.00

                                      Monthly                Monthly                Monthly 


Private Level Marketing Plan

Visita Representatives & Distributors

Retail Sales!
3x6 Forced Matrix!

Bonus Opportunities
Discounted 50% Wholesale Sales!
PLEASE NOTE: Share this opportunity with just Three others and you will  jump starting a process that will pay you significantly revenues and very quickly.

As an active Residual Club Member - $30.00 monthly you receive 1 bottle  and you are a  qualified Representative with DISCOUNTED WHOLESALE BUYING PARTNER Membership and all membership benefits receive:

50% off
You are eligible to purchase any number and variety of products of your choice from our wholesale store at our 50% discounted Wholesale pricing. Your purchases can be for personal use or for Retail.
As a Residual Club member, you are qualified to earn 3x6 Matrix Residual Matrix Commissions as your Network grows.
As a Gold Club Member or Diamond Club, you are fully qualified to earn 3x6 with distributor Territory Rights and your Matrix Residual Commissions as your Network grows and Matching Commissions by starting with just One Personal Referrals.

Do you ever have dreams of really succeeding and owning your business, in the Home Based Business industry, Xcell Medical is offering an opportunity - To earn the money you Deserve -Wish & Desire, an income that could change your life forever and better your future. Now its time to believe, because it's true!    Let Xcell  Medical, Inc. help YOU!!!

       Your Opportunity is a wide open door, all you need to do is Sign
- up.

Residual Club Business - Reseller - 3x6 Forced Matrix  $30.00 & 1 Bottle

Starting your first month, you earn Matrix commissions by doing your part in building a team of 3 customers who are willing to do their part to add to the network...

A 3x6 Business- Automatic Loader commission structure simply means that each member can have a maximum of 3 other members on their 1st Level...each of those 3 can also have a maximum of 3 on the 1st Level and so on and...commissions are paid 6 Levels deep.

When our PLM (Private Level Marketing) Resellers or distributors within your 2-3 Level network purchase one or two products, beginning their first month, and every month thereafter, you can earn up to $1000 a month and as high as $5000.00 to $6000.00 owning your own Business-Matrix.

                   1                3                     90.00                                                                   $90.00                 

                   2                9                    270.00                                                                 $270.00

                   3               27                   810.00                                                                  $810.00
                   4               81                  2410.00                                                                $2410.00   

                   5             243                  7290.00                                                                $7290.00
                   6             729                21870.00                                                               $21870.00
Total Earnings - $600.00/$5,000.00
Chart above is for illustrative purposes only and not guarantee income. No sponsoring required to earn Matrix Commissions.

 Gold Club Business - Distributor - 3x6 Forced Matrix  $50.00 & 2 Bottles

 Diamond Club Business - Distributor - 3x6 Forced Matrix  $90.00 & 3 Bottles

Starting your Second month you can become a Gold Member, you earn Matrix commissions by being a Gold Member your team becomes your resellers and you are able to take a location which includes stores and retailers of customers and business owners. You also receive a different discount structure.

When customers (Gold or Diamond) within your 6-Level network purchase two products, beginning their first month, and every month thereafter, you can earn up to $5,000 Matrix commissions.

Visita Gold and Diamond Club Membership provides a strong incentive that encourages our members to put some effort into referring and helping others grow and earn income. As a qualified GOLD & DIAMOND distributors you will receive 50% Discounts and  Bonuses on sells  personal referrals Matrix (levels 1-6) earnings.

This is the extreme power of passive income at its absolute best! Do the math with any amount of members referred, with any portion of matrix earnings and you will be simply astonished at the results and our professional team will help you load your down line.

Discounted Wholesale

Xcell Medical, Inc. also offers it's members with a DISCOUNTED WHOLESALE BUYING CLUB STORE, besides the Business-System members can earn up to 2 level of ALL downline Discounted Wholesale product purchases (that's 30% and 50%) you may even shop in the store without being a reseller.

Besides the great products at a great discounted price you will be able to generate a great monthly income from Discounted Wholesale products purchased by your New Home Business